Lisa Moore

I started my comic coloring career in 2008 working on some small projects for Zuda comics. Transitioning soon after that into some indie super hero work and then straight into all ages projects for Boom Studios.

I've done some work for Dynamite and Lion Forge for some other licensed properties over the years and have enjoyed them all.

I'm currently co-publisher and colorist at Last Ember Press where we've published The Last Ember, Pneumatic Cases, and the comic I'm writing called Secrets of Willowmyst.

It's through Last Ember Press that I learned how much I enjoy inking, I've inked most of our titles to date! In 2017 I began a small side business where I draw and sell adorable clip art! That's where the illustration comes in! 

Past Projects

Boom Studios: Darkwing Duck, Bravest Warriors, Regular Show, Garfield, Peanuts, Big Trouble in Little China, Adventure Time

Dynamite: Damsels, Grimm Warlock, Twilight Zone

Lion Forge: Saved by the Bell, Care Bears

Last Ember Press: The Last Ember, Secrets of Willowmyst, Pneumatic Cases, Celestial Falcon

Other Noteable Projects: Chaos Theory: Zombies Vs Dinosaurs, SOL